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      Soft Glass Powder

      Soft glass powder is a kind of composite glass powder, natural quartz and limestone and other inorganic minerals as raw materials (such as kaolin, feldspar) as raw materials, through qualitative and quantitative grading composite, calcination heating and melting, cooling, crushing, grinding, grading process as. This product has the appropriate hardness, wear on processing equipment and not on machining process will not affect the unique chemical composition of any resin system have mist not, does not affect the transparency of the resin system, chemical inertness, chemical resistance, weather resistance, good insulation properties, abrasion resistance, heat low expansion coefficient, good reinforcing effect is a kind of multifunctional composite filling. The cost of the product size stability, strict control, can be widely used in electronic materials, silicon rubber, plastic, paint, wood paint ink, high-grade materials and other functional applications.

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