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      Lianyungang WoHuaXin specifications glass powder materials technology co., LTD. Development of a variety of purposes

      In order to solve the modern industry the urgent demand for nano powder and composite powder, lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology company after years of experiments and research, successfully developed a series of continuous melting low melting point and working temperature of the glassy state of powder materials, not only solved the urgent need of enterprise, at the same time to break the us-japan European companies long-term monopoly of high-end sealing glass powder, efforts to narrow the compound synthesis of powder materials in our country and foreign advanced technology.

      Low melting point glass powder is a kind of synthetic multipurpose welding encapsulation material composite powders, glass phase from lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology company through USES the many kinds of nonmetal oxide through strict scientific grading, melting calcined, cooling, crushing, grinding, dispersion and into. This series of low melting point glass powder for powder material has a lower melting temperature and sealing temperature and good chemical stability, the glass powder has high mechanical strength, and is widely used in electric vacuum sealing welding and microelectronics products, sealing welding seal laser and infrared remote sensing equipment, high energy physics equipment, new energy products of seal welding of seal welding, sealing and welding of aerospace equipment, automotive sealing of optics..

      WoHua company of low melting point glass powder according to its USES can be divided into: welding of low melting point glass powder, glass ceramic welding of low melting point glass powder, soldering glass powder, microelectronic grade glass powder of low melting point, semiconductor with low melting point glass powder.

      Welcome new and old customers to inquire, to discuss cooperation.


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