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      Lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology co., LTD. Web site revision success

      Congratulations to lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology co., LTD. The new website redesign success. Lianyungang WoHuaXin materials technology co., LTD. The new site: www.chloroquinexrp.com

      Lianyungang WoHua is internationalized professional composite powders and new materials comprehensive solutions suppliers, set many years rich experience in the development of market and prospective market oriented technology and continue to accumulate, we constantly in the glass beads, glass fiber powder, low melting point material, the ball material, soft material, needle materials, special fiber material field of new market share, for electronic electrician, precision optical, semiconductor, new type of adhesive, construction chemicals, paint coating, ceramic casting, rubber, plastic and other related industries provide customers have broad market prospect of products and services, and customer win-win strategy.

      The company's products has been used in many industrial areas, service of hundreds of enterprises and companies around the world.


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